From Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japanese Industrial Standards Committee Secretariat, 2013

The Japanese economy has been facing serious issues, such as deflation, rising energy costs and declining exports due to structural changes in international trade and industry. While Japan should continue the challenge to overcome the issues for the future of the Japanese economy, “Abenomics” has been adjusting the route to economic recovery, especially upturn of corporate earnings due to lowering the high currency rate of Yen.

In order to achieve further economic recovery and growth, it is significant that Japanese industry should enhance its competitiveness in global markets by accelerating to create innovations bringing new markets. Promotion of international standardization activities integrated with business strategy will play a vital role in this.

It is particularly important to respond strategically to international standardization, taking account of intellectual property strategy and effective certification schemes, and focusing on such fields as smart grids, advanced medicine, and next-generation automobiles, where Japan has outstanding technologies and global market growth is expected.

This updated report serves to expand awareness of the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC)’s activities among a greater number of people, and that it will also foster a deeper understanding of standardization.

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