Standards in Electronics and Communication Engineering







Dr. Krishnasamy Selvan 

Prior to teaching, Dr. Selvan was with a government microwave research and development organization for seventeen years. He began teaching in 2005 and focuses on electromagnetics and antennas to undergraduate and graduate students, and supervises masters’ and doctoral research. As a member of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society’s Education Committee, he has special interest in electromagnetic education. In his teaching, Dr. Selvan gives particular importance to measurement methods, and emphasizes the importance of developing an understanding of uncertainty in measurements, a key aspect of metrology and standards.

About the Electronics & Communication Engineering Program at SSN

The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at the SSN College of Engineering, located in Tamil Nadu, India, offers an undergraduate program in the area of electronics and communication, and graduate and doctoral programs in the areas of communication systems, applied electronics and VLSI. In their final years, graduate students undertake individual projects, while undergraduate students undertake group projects in these areas. Recently, the department has initiated review of these projects by engineers from industry. Research within the department focuses on electromagnetics and antennas, image and speech processing, wireless communication networks and VLSI and MEMs.

Practical Ideas for Professors: Teaching Standards in Electronics & Communication Engineering (PDF, 52 KB)