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FH-Prof. DI Dr. Stefan Sauermann

As head of the committee for “Medical Informatics” (ON-K238) of the Austrian Standards Institute, FH-Prof. Dr. Stefan Sauermann is familiar with the use and value of technical standards in healthcare IT. Since 2005 he has served as moderator of the Working Group 2 “Interoperability-Standards” of the Austrian e-Health initiative. He is also a contributor to the Austrian Electronic Healthcare Record project (ELGA). A member of the faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (UAS TW) since 2007, he has held the position of program director of the Biomedical Engineering Sciences master’s study program (MBE) and is also an eHealth lecturer and key researcher.

About the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

The research topics within the Department of Biomedical Engineering cover three areas of expertise: biomedical engineering,biomedical computer science, and rehabilitation technology.  The department coordinates six bachelor’s and four master’s programmes taught by full-time personnel and freelance lecturers from research and industry. The MBE program ( offers an interdisciplinary education that integrates medical requirements and technical solutions. Within the two areas of biomedical informatics and biomedical engineering, students can choose courses from elective modules to sharpen their individual profiles. Within the two-semester course of “Project Related Teamwork,” students focus on a scientific project, manage it themselves, and work out the intended solution while supervised by a senior lecturer. These projects often involve the use of medical IT standards and involve heterogeneous groups of stakeholders. The students have to identify, understand, and deal with the many different points of view that they are confronted with throughout this scientific project. Different points of view are raised both from within the groups of students as well as from the stakeholders and users in “the world out there.”

Practical Ideas from Professors: Teaching Standards in Biomedical Engineering Sciences (PDF, 63 KB)