Dr. Geerten van de Kaa

Geerten van de Kaa is Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Delft University of Technology, located in Delft, Netherlands, where he teaches courses in the strategic management of technological innovation. He holds a PhD from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. His research interests include platform wars for complex systems; (collaboration) strategies for innovation; energy systems; and (responsible) innovation and standardization. He is the author and co-author of more than 75 publications and has published in high ranking international journals. He has won several (teaching and research) awards, including a best paper award and a best doctoral dissertation award.

About the Department of Economics of Technology and Innovation at Delft University of Technology

The Department of Economics of Technology and Innovation (ETI) at Delft University of Technology conducts research in, and also instructs about, the economic incentives that lead to responsible technological change, which include values such as safety and risk, as well as ethical and social values. The emphasis is on the interaction of human-technology systems with socio-technical systems and the associated governance incentives that help promote responsible technological change in the fields of, among others, global warming, affordable and safe energy and water infrastructure, and public health.

Practical Ideas from Professors: Teaching Standards in Management of Technology (PDF, 54.3 KB)