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Interview with James Gilb Regarding IEEE 802 and the Smart Grid

In this interview, James Gilb offers his insights on Ethernet’s involvement with smart grid applications and its numerous benefits, including bandwidth management and its wide availability. Gilb continues with his thoughts on the IEEE 802.24 Technical Advisory Group’s relevance to the smart grid and his involvement with two other prominent IEEE groups: the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee and the IEEE 802.15 Working Group.

Coexistence of IEEE802.15.4 in a Practical Implementation of a Wireless Smart Home Environment (WSHE) for Appliances Control

Conference Paper, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, October 2015 Abstract:  Electricity is a scarce resource and ought to be saved. Users are often reluctant to save electricity because of many reasons, one of which is the physical effort that it entails. We present a method of saving electricity through the use of wireless smart plugs communicating to a wireless smart controller which have been designed and constructed so as to provide refined energy consumption information to the user. Featured in this work is the use of the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol to provide reliable and low power wireless capability. The performance of the system developed has been tested in a real world environment and results obtained are presented. The system constructed is reliable and presents cost advantages. Future developments are possible through the implementation of different home energy management algorithms that can be built onto this platform. keywords—Smart grid, smart plug, WSN, home energy monitoring, IEEE 802.15.4, RF spectrum.

802.11ah Wi-Fi standard approved, will underpin Internet of Things

By Jon Gold  Follow, Network World, Jan 4, 2016

802.11ah Emerges to Connect the Internet of Things

by mverbloot on ‎02-17-2016, Aruba Unplugged

“A survey on IEEE 802.11ah: An enabling networking technology for smart cities”

E. Khorov et al., Comput. Commun. (2014), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comcom.2014.08.008 Abstract Smart technologies play a key role in sustainable economic growth. They transform houses, offices, factories, and even cities into autonomic, self-controlled systems acting often without human intervention and thus sparing people routine connected with information collecting and processing. The paper gives an overview of a novel Wi-Fi technology, currently under development, which aims to organize communication between various devices used in such applications as smart grids, smart meters, smart houses, smart healthcare systems, smart industry, etc.  2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

IEEE ComSoc Tutorial: M2M in Smart Grid & Smart Cities: Technologies, Standards, and Applications

The unprecedented communication paradigm of machine-to-machine (M2), facilitating 24/7 ultra-reliable connectivity between a prior unseen number of automated devices, is currently gripping both industrial as well as academic communities. The aim of this online recorded tutorial is to provide a detailed academic, technical and industrial insight into latest key aspects of wireless M2M networks, with particular application to smart cities and smart grids.  Role of IEEE 802 standards is discussed.

IEEE Get Program – Get 802® Standards

IEEE 802 standards are included in the program after they have been published in PDF for a period of six months. To download these documents, you must first agree to our Terms of Use. Please select a category below for a full listing of available standards.



IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

20-21 September 2016, Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference Center, Paris, France The theme for 2016 is: Automotive Ethernet: Switching between early investigations and extended Ethernet architectures Presentations will provide insights into developments, trends and solutions in the following topics:

  • Applicable use cases of Ethernet for automotive
  • Role of Ethernet in future electrical/electronic architecture
  • Reliability and quality of Ethernet communication
  • Ethernet for volume production cars
  • Cyber security for Ethernet

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IEEE 802 Wireless Interim Meeting

11-16 September 2016, Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland from

IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting

6-11 November 2016, San Antonio, TX USA, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 78205

Workshops at IEEE International Conference On Advanced Networks And Telecommunications Systems (ANTS)

7 and 9 November 2016, Bangalore, India The workshops that address standards used in smart technologies include:

  • Standards for Cloud Interoperability and Federation (WSCIF)
  • 5G Wireless Technology Challenges and Opportunities (WiTCO 2016)
  • Smart Cities