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News from the IEEE-SA Newswire, 17 December 2015

IEEE 802.11’s role in enabling the Internet of Things With the remarkable ascension of the IEEE 802.11™ over its 25-year history and its influence on the always-on, always-connected lifestyle for countless people around the world, it’s fair to ask whether the standard has a role to play in the nascent Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more

Securing the Internet of Anything (IoA) As “the foundation of a global infrastructure for the information society,” as the ITU has called it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now close to the peak of its evolution. By 2020, it’s estimated that there will be 10 connected IoT devices for every person in the world — 40 to 80 billion IoT devices altogether — and an IoT market that will reach some US$3 trillion. Learn more.



ITU and Georgia Tech Collaborate to Address IoT Technologies and Standards The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have executed an agreement to monitor global Internet of Things (IoT) activities and collaborate on developing standards.

“Taking Stock of IoT Standards” This article from Semiconductor Engineering provides a glimpse at the big picture of IoT with a focus on security being a challenge across the industry.  “It may be years before consistent standards emerge for the IoT, but there are plenty of choices in the meantime.” Read the full article from Semiconductor Engineering.

“IEEE SA  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  Ecosystem  Study” “Broadly speaking, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a system consisting of networks of sensors, actuators, and smart objects whose purpose is to interconnect ‘“all’” things, including everyday and industrial objects, in such a way as to make them intelligent, programmable, and more capable of interacting with humans and each other. See “‘What is IoT”’ to learn how “IoT” is used in this study.”  Download your complimentary copy of this report.

“What You Wanted to Know About Smart Homes” The Institute, December 2015 Three experts weigh in on standards and security. By Monica Rozenfeld


Other News

Message from ANSI President and CEO, S. Joe Bhatia regarding the revised version of OMB Circular A-119, “Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities.”