Webinar on Demand: The Internet of Things, Architecture and Standards

This webinar by IEEE IoT expert Oleg Logvinov discusses IEEE P2413 – Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things – and the key elements that provide a path to develop Quadruple Trust, to managing both information and access to it. He also discusses how IEEE P2413 will help minimize industry and vertical market fragmentation, ease implementation of cross-domain applications, and ensure that IoT achieves critical mass on a global scale.


Oleg Logvinov

The Internet of Things, Architecture and Standards

Presenter: Oleg Logvinov

Chair, IEEE P2413 Working Group, IEEE IoT; Director of Special Assignments, STMicroelectronics


The presentation includes a panel discussion with a distinguished group of IEEE IoT experts, including:

  1. Chuck Adams, Distinguished Standards Strategist, Huawei Technologies
  2. Gary Stuebing, Chief Technology and Architecture Office, Cisco Systems
  3. Ludwig Winkel, Fieldbus Standards Manager, Siemens AG
  4. Viacheslav (Slava) Zolotnikov, R&D Industrial Control Systems Security, Kaspersky Lab

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