A Call for Technology Leaders and Innovators For IoT Workshop

| David Law

“IEEE End-to-End Trust and Security for the Internet of Things” Workshop

A Call for Technology Leaders and Innovators

IEEE, Internet2, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as a host of other sponsors are working together to gather industry technologists who can help drive the Internet of Things (IoT) conversation and contribute to the development of an open architectural framework.

On Thursday, 4 February 2016, IEEE has organized “IEEE End-to-End Trust and Security for the Internet of Things,” a workshop that will be held at George Washington University. Together with our sponsors, we are seeking qualified technology leaders and innovators to participate as presenters and attendees at this invitation-only event.

A Call for Presentations

Industry, government, and academic professionals, including researchers, IT architects, security professionals, government agencies, industry associations, professors, and post-graduate students, are encouraged to develop and submit presentations that express viewpoints, make recommendations, and further the discussion on the subject of end-to-end trust and security for an open IoT architectural framework. Submissions should address the TIPPSS elements: trust, identity, privacy, protection, security, and safety.

The submissions will be reviewed, and the top fifteen selected will be presented at the IoT workshop on 4 February in Washington DC. Submissions that address policy will also be eligible for presentation at the “IEEE Experts in Technology and Policy (ETAP) Forum,” which will take place at the same location on the following day.


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