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Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Standards and Regulations

Selected Developments in Wireless Power Transfer Standards and Regulations

Selected advances in the use and development of wireless power transfer (WPT) standards and regulations in Europe and Japan are reported. The European research program COST-WiPE (European cooperation in science and technology–wireless power transmission for sustainable …

Student Application Papers

Student application papers applying industry standards are papers submitted by students, or their faculty mentors on their behalf, in which an industry technical standard(s) was applied (analyzed and implemented). Each paper highlights specific design choices in the application of various technical standards and describes the …

News and Further Reading

Light Could Become the Dominant Form of Heat Transfer

By Dexter Johnson, IEEE Spectrum, Posted 1 Apr 2016
Automotive Industry Driving Wireless Charging into Mainstream Adoption

By John Perzow, Wireless Power Consortium
Published 9 March 2016
Scientists propose high-efficiency wireless power transfer system

January 26, 2016 by Lisa …

2nd Quarter 2016 eMagazine Issue Focusing on Wireless Power Transfer Now Available

The 2nd Quarter 2016 issue of the IEEE Standards Education eMagazine focuses on the theme of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) standards.  Articles address current activities, challenges, and opportunities related to WPT standards from a global perspective.  Authors discuss the primary standards in development and offer considerations …