Facilitator’s Guide for the Basics of Standards Education Videos

The IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC) has developed a three-part educational video series addressing the important topic of technical standards. The videos–each approximately 15-21 minutes long–serve as “stand-ins” for guest lecturers. The primary target audience is undergraduate engineering students. Other possible groups are business and law students and professors.

While each video can stand alone, the three combined offer a succinct yet comprehensive overview of standards. If course structure and class time allow, it would be beneficial for students to view all of the videos.

Accompanying each video is a curriculum package that provides instructors with everything they need “out of the box” to use the videos to build students’ basic understanding of technical standards. This Facilitator’s Guide provides additional details about the videos and supporting curricular materials, as well as background information on the standards development process.

Download the IEEE Standards University Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)