Last Chance for IEEE Student Grants in 2016

| Jennifer McClain, David Law

Apply Now for IEEE Student Grants in 2016!


IEEE offers grants to undergraduate and graduate students to help with student design projects that include an industry standards component.  Grants are US$500 for per project for students, with an additional US $300 honoraria for faculty mentors.

The purpose of the grants is to facilitate students studying and implementing standards in projects. This can be done with a project that incorporates the designing and building of hardware and/or software to implement an existing standard, analyzing the performance of a standard in a particular situation, testing compliance with, or alternatively adapting or extending a standard to fit a new scenario.  Projects are expected in include a significant standards component. Projects that simply make use of standards through modules or libraries without significant design input are not eligible for an award.


I’m a student interested in this grant.  What do I need to do?

Student(s) beginning a design or development project will submit an application along with an abstract summary describing the project, which includes:

  • a summary of the project goal (i.e., what are you trying to build?);
  • an understanding of what standards are being considered to achieve the project goal;
  • a declaration of intention to submit an application paper for publication by the IEEE upon completion of the project;
  • a statement of endorsement from a faculty mentor must be included.

Note that eligible projects may also use non-IEEE standards.


The next deadline for student grant applications is 31 October 2016.


Getting started.

Fill out the application form and submit it via email along with a Statement of Endorsement from Faculty Mentor/Advisor to: Note that the Statement of Endorsement should be sent directly from the Faculty Advisor and not from  the student(s).

The IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC) will review your submission and you will be contacted within 30 days of receipt for either more information or with an Approval or Disapproval Notification. The SEC will not consider incomplete submissions (those without an application, abstract summary and faculty endorsement).

If your paper is approved, your final paper will be published by IEEE as a student application paper on the IEEE Standards University website.

For more information, visit the IEEE Student Grants web page.