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Letter from the Editor

Ethernet, the Networking Standard: More Mature, More Powerful
Where the whole world is going with Ethernet
Many people, especially technology historians, often ponder “Where would the world be without Ethernet?” Now, such a rhetorical question typically has no answer because you cannot rewind time, remove Ethernet from …

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Interview with James Gilb Regarding IEEE 802 and the Smart Grid
In this interview, James Gilb offers his insights on Ethernet’s involvement with smart grid applications and its numerous benefits, including bandwidth management and its wide availability. Gilb continues with his thoughts on the IEEE …

IEEE 802.15: Wireless Personal Area Network

IEEE 802.15 working group members discuss the standards they develop for the wireless networking of portable and mobile computing devices that allow these devices to communicate and interoperate with one another.
More information about IEEE 802.15: http://www.ieee802.org/15/
IEEE Get 802® Program: http://standards.ieee.org/about/get/802/802.html