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News, Further Reading, and Events

News and Further Reading
“How LEDs Are Changing the Retail World, The technology is influencing purchasing decisions”
By YOELIT H. HIEBERT, published in IEEE’s The Institute, 21 July 2016
Positive Disruption: Utilities, Smart Cities, and Smart Energy Management
By Don Reeves, Published on EnergyCIOInsights,
IEEE 2030.5 Webinar
IEEE 2030.5 (formerly …

Security and IoT in IEEE Standards

Security elements have been included in numerous IEEE standards and standards projects over many years. If one searches the IEEE standards status report[1] by entering “security,” and views the project scope, purpose and/or abstract, multiple references to security can be seen. These standards and standards …

IOT & Security News and Further Reading

Below is a selection of related articles and resources for further exploration.  Note that inclusion in this selection does not indicate endorsement of the event, company, or organization.
News from the IEEE-SA Newswire, 17 December 2015

IEEE 802.11’s role in enabling the Internet of Things
With …